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Very busy SEO businesswomanNo way I just said that out loud. Well the cats out of the bag. Now we really need to work hard to earn the money you pay us. We understand that you also work hard for the money your clients or employer pays you, so why should it be any different for an online marketing company. IT SHOULDN’T!!  We have to put our money where our mouth is. YOU DON’T RANK-YOU DON’T PAY! Hows that for to the point.

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Pay Per Click or Google Ads 2021

All Starts With A Search Query

Within Googles Search or Other Search Engines

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What happens when you

do a


First things first…Google serves up both PPC (AKA Google Ads) ads (if there are any businesses advertising on Google for that search term) and natural SEO (which are the results Google finds most relevant for that search query) on the first page.  Let’s use “Water Damage Companies in Colorado Springs.”  When you search using a keyword such as water damage, plus the city, Colorado Springs, Google goes to work looking at advertisers in that location and decides if the keywords match the advertiser’s search term in the google search bar and you now have ads to choose from.  If there are no keywords being bid on from advertisers then you won’t see any ads, you might see the 3-pack map section at the top, then directly under the map section, (if being shown), you will see all the natural organic companies.  This is where NATURAL SEO comes into play.

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How do Advertisers

know what

KEYWORDS to use?

There are many ways advertisers come up with keywords when preparing a keyword list.  At Trust Local Agency we use multiple keyword research methods.  We typically spend 2 to 3 days of research when we start a project for a new client. Here are a few ways we prepare a keyword list to use for our clients.  The first thing we do is brainstorm with the client, (you know your business better than anyone)!  Next, we do an in-house online search to find valuable keywords (auto complete).  We also use keyword software which gives us hundreds, if not thousands, of keyword variations. Then we reverse engineer the competition to see what keywords they are using when preparing a keyword list, using those keywords with our expertise and experience to RANK YOU #1. We also use the same technique to find negative keywords which are just as important, if not more important in 2021 and beyond.

We use many other techniques, but that gets into Trust Local Agency company secrets!

Google Now Has A Decision To Make…..

Which Advertiser

Best Matches the Search

Google is the best at determining which Ads advertiser to use to promote YOU at the top of search engines.  Google’s primary job is to give the person doing the search the best RELEVANT match to the keyword search they just performed.

As an advertiser, Google also looks at your bid amount and your quality score to determine if you will be #1, 2, 3 or sometimes number 4 at the top of the search engine page.  Of course, there is much more that goes into being a winner in the Pay Per Click game, but you get the idea. 

To break it down, Your max bid + your quality score = your ad position. Below is a search for best bakery course.



Do YOU want to be in the #1 SPOT !!

And PAY LESS than the  

2nd, 3rd or 4th spot?

Google’s guideline says that there are three important aspects of ranking well while paying less than a competing advertiser.

AD RELEVANCE, (the search closely related to your PPC ad)   

CLICK THROUGH RATE (did the searcher click on your ad)

LANDING PAGE EXPERIENCE (the webpage the searcher landed on after clicking on your ad, very closely related to the keyword they first used in their quest for the perfect answer to their search question)

After a search is completed the person doing the search is given hundreds, if not thousands, of website choices, website after website of search results that are related to the keyword they just typed into the search bar.  This can be very overwhelming and confusing to the searcher. 

TRUST LOCAL AGENCY will make sure your website landing page matches the search keyword exactly or as close as possible. This keeps your potential client on your landing page, and or website, as long as possible to improve your bounce rate.  This benefits in improving your quality score with Google and your local SEO rankings.

At Trust Local  we work hard to get you a higher quality score. A higher score means you pay less than your competitor, who has a lower quality score for the same keywords. 

Once again, if you want to hide something extremely valuable to you, hide it on the 2nd page of Google, MOST PEOPLE WILL NEVER LOOK THERE! 




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